$ $ $ BACK OFFICE $ $ $

You can access your entire system securely on any device from anywhere in the world to access accounting information, change pricing or run any kind of report.

Just type in your username and password into the online portal on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac and you can check how your business is performing, whether you’re on holiday or out of the office.


@ @ @ REPORTING @ @ @

Get an instant overview of your business across all of your locations and devices. Provide real-time product, sales and employee performance information from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Customise the dashboards to your specifications to access your key information quickly.


£ £ £ SECURITY £ £ £

Restrict Unauthorised Access

Set different authorisation levels for each of your staff to control discount levels and restrict who can offer refunds or void sales. Monitor discount levels by employee in the Back Office.

Protect yourself from employee fraud, by preventing unauthorised access to the system through pin number or staff swipe cards and by keeping sensitive information like profit margins hidden.


+-+-+ INVENTORY +-+-+

Complete Stock Control

Always have a complete awareness of your inventory levels, eliminating many unnecessary stock takes. Monitor your wastage and shrinkage, whilst ensuring you always have your best-selling products in stock.

Streamline the stock ordering process by automatically raising purchase orders, and easily manage inter-location stock transfer.


:) :) :) CUSTOMERS :) :) :)

Improve Repeat Business

Add your customers quickly as they make purchases, allowing you to invoice them, give them credit, and collect essential marketing information like email addresses and phone numbers.

Through the loyalty module provide customers with branded loyalty cards, allowing your customers to collect points for their purchases and receive preferential pricing, to encourage repeat business and drive brand loyalty and awareness.


? ? ? STAFF ? ? ?

Improve Staff Performance

With staff clocking in and out through the till, the Back Office will automatically generate their hours and pay.

Extensive employee reporting allows you to recognise your best performing staff, and highlight those that are under-performing. See which staff are the most successful at upselling, and who is best at selling each product, so you can identify any gaps in training.

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